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Pupil Premium Summary Statement


This year our Pupil Premium is £347,160. This funding resources pupils eligible for Free School Meals and Looked After Children. It covers the cost of running additional interventions across the school, specifically targeting the highest proportion of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, along with numerous other initiatives and staffing implications as detailed in the Pupil Premium Strategic Plan document (see link on this page).


During 2017/18, part of our Pupil Premium allocation was used to cover the cost of an additional class in year 6 where there was a significant proportion of pupils eligible for Free School Meals. It was also used to further embed Read Write Inc, employ additional support staff and provide training for staff to further meet the needs of our pupils (see Pupil Premium Strategic Plan for more detail).


As a result of Pupil Premium funding, we have seen continued improved progress and attainment from 2016 to 2017 with 41% of disadvantaged children achieving expected standard in KS2 or higher compared to the previous year at 31%. The gap between our school and national averages is also closing.


Year 1 Phonic Screening scores have risen over 2 years from 83% pass rate to 86%, whilst Year 2 retakes improved from 63% pass rate to 76%. Higher proportions of Pupil Premium pupils achieved passes in both year groups.

Our GLD (Good Level of Development) in Early Years remains above national average at 75%.


With the biggest gaps being in Reading and Maths, it is clear to see in the Pupil Premium Strategic Plan that this is where a greater proportion of the funding is being spent.


In September 2017 we invested some of our funding into a new reading and writing programme (Literacy and Language) and a maths programme (Inspire Maths) which has enabled further consistency in our approach to teaching English and maths across the school in an engaging way. Children also now have access to online reading resources such as Reading Eggs which can be accessed from home.


We are constantly using data to identify specific targeted groups and individuals for focused support where it is needed to ensure that we are really closing the gap between disadvantaged and other pupils.  We have an on-site school counsellor who works with targeted vulnerable children to help improve their social, emotional, mental, health and wellbeing.  We also use funding to run parent support programmes such as LBBD specific parent workshops or numeracy and literacy skills classes.


It is important to note that tracking progress by ‘vulnerable groups’ and using terms such as ‘Free School Meals eligibility’ and ‘disadvantaged pupils’ are DfE and OFSTED expectations. However, children are never stigmatised or referred to directly using any of this terminology.



PE and Sport Premium Statement


At Eastbury Primary School, we understand the contribution of PE and sport to the health and well-being of our pupils. In addition, we believe that an exciting, varied PE curriculum, combined with extra-curricular opportunities, can help to promote other valuable qualities such as good discipline, teamwork, communication, perseverance and a drive to succeed. We aim to achieve this through a commitment to providing every child with the necessary skills and confidence to participate in sporting activities and in leading a healthy lifestyle.


Eastbury Provision:

• Up to 2 hours a week of high quality PE learning

• Providing every child with an equal opportunity to participate in PE and sport according to their own ability

• Access to alternative sporting activities at break times

• increased opportunities to access a wide variety of sporting activities through after-school sporting clubs and extra-curricular events

• Opportunities for inter school competition

• Opportunities for intra-school competition through House and Sports day activities

• We also strive to promote healthy lifestyle choices through our PE curriculum and our PSHE curriculum.


Pupil Premium Strategic Plan Sept 2017

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